• LDPE Shrink Film

    Flexible Films Beverage, Dairy & Films. LDPE Shrink Films 30-200 Micron

  • Printed Shrink Film

    Customized logos/ art work can be printed. 6 colour printing is available.

  • Lamination Film

    Special lamination film for bags / sachets and pouches for tea, ketchup, jelly, shampoo and confectionery.

  • Lidding Film

    Our Lidding film range is packed with exciting features all of which provide unmissable benefits. Our range of films includes our unique brands.

  • PE Cling Film

    10 microns, anti-fog, food grade super cling to wrap food items.

  • LDPE Stretch Film

    17,19 microns stretch film is available. We have hand rolls and machine rolls.

  • Silage Film

    Pioneer of silage film in Pakistan. It protects and stores fodder/ corn.

  • Construction Film

    Construction film is a general-purpose poly film that is ideal as a drop cloth or vapor barrier.

  • Anti-Splashing Film

  • PE Sheets

    PE Sheets are a safe and effective method for preventing mold and are designed for polybag packed items such as garments, bags, accessories.

  • Poly Bags Sleeves

    Our Plastics Company is your best source to get custom poly products including custom poly bags, tubing, and sheeting.

  • Poly Bags

    A plastic bag, polybag, or pouch is a type of container made of thin, flexible, plastic film, nonwoven fabric, or plastic textile.

  • Fresh Produce Bags

    Keep it Fresh Produce Bags – BPA Free Reusable Freshness Green Bags Food Saver Storage for Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers

  • Masking Film

    We offer masking film and tape for general purpose and high performance applications within industries such as automotive, industrial, marine and electronics.

  • Poly Tube for Curtain

    Low cost clear polythene layflat tubing in medium duty (220 gauge), heavy duty ... Medium duty would suffice to hold curtains but not for shipping by carriers.

  • Irrigation Pipes

    A network of pipes supplying water to drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation.

  • Antistatic Film and Bags

    An antistatic bag is a bag used for storing electronic components, which are prone to damage caused by electrostatic discharge (ESD).

  • Printest

    Surface tension testing markers is a revolution in the local printing and packaging industry. This innovation has enabled the printing houses to reduce the risk of printing losses by its ability to determine the on spot surface testing.

  • Hot Melt Adhesives and Coating

    Hot melt coating is the application of a layer to a substrate by pre-melting the desired material and then allowing or forcing the material to cool, solidifying the layer.

  • Agriculture Film

    Excellent quality Green House film for tunnel farming. Consistent quality with built-in UV/Anti Drip features.

List of products

Films and Bags

  1. LDPE Shrink Film
  2. Printed Shrink Film
  3. Lamination Film
  4. Lidding Film
  5. PE Cling Film
  6. LDPE Stretch Film
  7. Silage Film
  8. Construction Film
  9. Anti-Splashing Film
  10. PE Sheets
  11. Poly Bags Sleeves
  12. Poly Bags
  13. Fresh Produce Bags
  14. Masking Film
  15. Poly Tube for Curtain
  16. Irrigation Pipes
  17. Antistatic Film and Bags
  18. Printest
  19. Hot Melt Adhesives and Coating
  20. Agriculture Film
  • Green House Film, Silage
  • Anti-Drip Film, Irrigation Pipe
  • Solarization Film